Binding Procedures

  1. The Agency and its Designated Producer do not have authority to bind coverage on  behalf of the FWCJUA, rather the FWCJUA binds coverage on its own behalf. Coverage shall not be bound by the FWCJUA until such time as the Employer is deemed eligible for coverage by the FWCJUA and the completed and properly executed original Application for Coverage along with all the required supporting documentation and premium is timely received by the FWCJUA.  Upon the timely receipt of the completed and properly executed original Application for Coverage along with all the required premium and supporting documentation, the FWCJUA shall bind coverage, as appropriate, pursuant to the following binding procedures:
    1. For all eligible Employers, coverage shall be bound at 12:01 a.m. on whichever day is the later of (1) the expiration date of existing coverage; or (2) the first calendar day following the date on which the properly submitted Application for Coverage is received by the FWCJUA for consideration; or (3) the Employer's proposed effective date, provided the Employer's proposed effective date is no later than sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the Application submission.

    2. If coverage is bound pursuant to the above, the FWCJUA shall issue a thirty (30) calendar day binder with copies to the Agency or its Designated Producer as well as the Insured.

  2. The FWCJUA cannot bind coverage if the Employer fails to meet any eligibility requirement as set forth in the Plan of Operation or otherwise prescribed by the Board.

  3. Under no circumstances will coverage be bound at a time earlier than 12:01 a.m.

  4. Binding may be delayed and an Application for Coverage may be rejected if the Application for Coverage is not properly submitted, thoroughly and accurately completed as well as properly executed, or all the required documents and information are not submitted.  Further, failure to timely respond to additional underwriting requests submitted by the FWCJUA regarding the Application for Coverage may also delay binding or result in the rejection of the Application.  For example, an Application for Coverage submitted through the FWCJUA's Online Application for Coverage for which the Employer has been tentatively deemed eligible by the FWCJUA pending the receipt of the properly executed Application for Coverage, as printed from the Online Application for Coverage with all original signatures, initials and notarizations along with the required premium and all requested additional supporting documentation, shall be closed if all the requested materials are not timely submitted.

  5. Coverage requests that are not properly submitted to the FWCJUA for consideration through the FWCJUA's Online Application for Coverage shall be returned, unprocessed, and no binding date shall be reserved. 

Top 10 Reasons for Binding Delays.